In shape of… what ?

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I think about changing of shape for a while now. I want to look different before my thirty years old. Why ?

Because I can feel that I do not feed myself properly. My skin keep reminding me it every day thanks to numerous imperfections on my chin, on my back or even on my chest. I eat too muck sugar, too much fat and too much salt. Best cocktail ever, isn’t it? I almost never exercice and if I try, I quit after a small quarter of pain.

Me after ten minutes of sport.

In two words : all wrong.

I also want to change because I don’t really feel myself in that body. this too generous shape do not allows me to wear what I want. When you like fashion and work in it, you want to have fun with trends. But, my actual shape do not let me being original. When a dress is too short and that i can see my too big thighs, or a too low-necked top that shows too much of my boobs… I do not allow me anything of these examples in the name of good taste.

Elegancy is so not a question of age or weight. You only have to find the right form of clothes adapted to your morphology. I know mine. I have to mark my waistline, I only wear dresses or skirts that show my beautiful calf (yes they are !). I play with my assets. Nobody can even think when I am dress like that, that I would choose a good 44 French size (means a XL i guess) if I tried to fit a slim denim.

If we feel good in a generous shape, and that we are in good health, nothing help us to stay like that. Queens of burlesque or over size models prove us how beautiful it can look and be as attractive than any small body.
But I feel that this is not good for me to stay like that. I have arrived at a point where I don’t feel in good health, even if I am not sick. For now. I know the problems that exist in my family and my use of sugar will lead me directly to diabetes if I don’t change anything.
I already have joint problems and without practicing any sport it won’t get better.
The weight I take most of all on the bottom of my body is weighting down my walk and my knees may not like it anymore.

The decision is taken : I have to get back in shape.

I started by signing up in a gym to move regularly. No excuse, the gym has two place in town; one close to my job and the other on close to where I live.I also try to shop watching more carefully to the labels. I try to buy more basic products like fresh fruits and veggies instead of already transformed and wrapped stuffs. I will try to control quantity and quality

I do read a lot about food and aging better and I hope to be able to share with you a lot in my next articles.

xo Myriam