To win Toulouse


Hello everyone! I have to explain why i put so much time to publish news on my brand new blog. I moved
from a city to another in France. I used to live in Lyon since like all my life and I decided to follow my boyfriend in his birth region in south west of France, beautiful Toulouse. To catch up with what happened since then, i want to show you the last pictures I took with my phone (I phone 6s) You will see that i discovered the town, that I ate and drink in nice places, and that i could not help to try on the new pink jacket at Zara that I still did not buy because I want to see if I still want a pink jacket in my dressing in a few weeks. If yes I will probably wear it in a next post. I love it!!! I also found a lovely home made ice cream location which offers it in form of flowers. So cute! And finally, i spent time with my love and my little dog that i missed so much!!

I am now determined to publish more often about fashion and events of my city of adoption 🙂 See you very soon!
xoxo Myriam.