Why do I want to shut off my Facebook account?

I am probably just like all the boys and girls of my age. I am now used to have a profile on a lot of social medias. The new social medias like Instagram or Pinterest or made to spend time on topics we are really interested in. Whereas on Facebook, you have your ‘real’ friends on line. They are your friends for a good reason, or they may be family. 

The thing is that you are not necessarily interested by the same topics. Sometime you can experiment phases on which your are only interested on cupcakes decoration, or puppies, or nail art or even on hair tutos. I am not sure that your old pal from high school or your brother is very interested in it too. It bothers people!!!  Yes it is a good way to show your universe and to share your passions. But it seems more logical to share with people who will understand it and like it too. So when you hashtag something on Inta you know that it won’t bother anyone to see one more pair of shoes. It is a pity that we can’t shut off our Facebook account and keep Messenger. I like messenger. it is a great way to keep in touch with people. 

I also think that it is not very understood by our entourage when we want to cut Facebook. They feel rejected and are like « what? so my life bothers you? » ^^ Well people share a lot of pics of their kids, and dogs, and house, and vacations… When you see them for real and that they are starting to tell you about their amazing holidays in that amazing hotel and that you answer : Yes I saw it on Facebook… Ain’t easy to find subjects of discussions. 

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