To win Toulouse


Hello everyone! I have to explain why i put so much time to publish news on my brand new blog. I moved
from a city to another in France. I used to live in Lyon since like all my life and I decided to follow my boyfriend in his birth region in south west of France, beautiful Toulouse. To catch up with what happened since then, i want to show you the last pictures I took with my phone (I phone 6s) You will see that i discovered the town, that I ate and drink in nice places, and that i could not help to try on the new pink jacket at Zara that I still did not buy because I want to see if I still want a pink jacket in my dressing in a few weeks. If yes I will probably wear it in a next post. I love it!!! I also found a lovely home made ice cream location which offers it in form of flowers. So cute! And finally, i spent time with my love and my little dog that i missed so much!!

I am now determined to publish more often about fashion and events of my city of adoption :-) See you very soon!
xoxo Myriam.


A French morning

A French morning on a day off. Just chilling and shopping. If only it could happen every day. I’ll be back at work
tomorrow until next Friday, and then, finally , after months of long long weeks, I will be on vacations!!
To be continued…



Jacket and Dress available at H&M Cordelier (Lyon 69002). Coffee to go from Starbuck (In love with the cups of the moment)

Welcome spring !

Finally!! Spring is here. We have changed the hour in France (add one hour to your watch). Yes we do that,since the seventies in order to save some energy if I remember well, and now we have one more hour of sun at the end of the day. I can’t describe how happy this make me. I have that energy and enthusiasm every spring, beautiful days, chilling at a terrace of a nice bar and watch people come and go. Ahhhh feels so good!
Share what you want to wear this spring on your comment :)
All I want to wear these days … (click on the pic to find where to shop it)

Top Jill Sander

Top Jill Sander

Top H&M Ballade en Ville

Top H&M Ballade en Ville






Flip Flop Ipanema & Starck

Flip Flop Ipanema & Starck at Colette

Why do I want to shut off my Facebook account?

I am probably just like all the boys and girls of my age. I am now used to have a profile on a lot of social medias. The new social medias like Instagram or Pinterest or made to spend time on topics we are really interested in. Whereas on Facebook, you have your ‘real’ friends on line. They are your friends for a good reason, or they may be family. 

The thing is that you are not necessarily interested by the same topics. Sometime you can experiment phases on which your are only interested on cupcakes decoration, or puppies, or nail art or even on hair tutos. I am not sure that your old pal from high school or your brother is very interested in it too. It bothers people!!!  Yes it is a good way to show your universe and to share your passions. But it seems more logical to share with people who will understand it and like it too. So when you hashtag something on Inta you know that it won’t bother anyone to see one more pair of shoes. It is a pity that we can’t shut off our Facebook account and keep Messenger. I like messenger. it is a great way to keep in touch with people. 

I also think that it is not very understood by our entourage when we want to cut Facebook. They feel rejected and are like « what? so my life bothers you? » ^^ Well people share a lot of pics of their kids, and dogs, and house, and vacations… When you see them for real and that they are starting to tell you about their amazing holidays in that amazing hotel and that you answer : Yes I saw it on Facebook… Ain’t easy to find subjects of discussions. 

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Hand care time

Avocado Hand Mask : Sephora / Hand cream Norwegian formula : Neutrogena / Top Coat : O.P.I / Nail polish n°301 Bleuette : Dior

Avocado Hand Mask : Sephora / Hand cream Norwegian formula : Neutrogena / Top Coat : O.P.I / Nail polish n°301 Bleuette : Dior

Hi everybody,

I hope you all had a great week! I had a good one, a hard working one but a good one.
Speaking of my week, i don’t know where you guys are living, but these days, in France, we experimented the coldest and cloudiest days of the year. No sun, no light, and that cold… OMG! At the end of the week I faced a hand skin problem. My hands were all dry and rough. I am used to use the Neutrogena hand cream Norwegian formula. And it usually works pretty well. But these days, nothing to do, even if I moisturize my hands and wear gloves each time I go outside, I still can’t find my soft hand skin back. So, I looked for a solution, a fast one if possible and I ran into a new and fun care at Sephora.
An Avocado hand mask. I already had tested the eyes masks and the face masks but I had no idea they also existed for hands. Alleluia, let’s try it!

My hand before the care

My hand before the care

So I washed and dried my hands and had a look at the instructions. They promise you that « It Works!! » in 15minutes. This is very easy to use and you are not obliged to look at your hands 15minutes long without moving. The gloves let you use your laptop or your smartphone. So cool. I had the time to take photos to show you and to make a small video of my dog who were soooo interested by the yummy avocado smell from the gloves that you can watch on my Instagram. Yes, it really smells good. The texture on the hand could appear quite greasy at the beginning but at the end of the care, you have to use the excess as a moisture cream and it is very enjoyable.





My hands really can thanks Sephora and its hand masks because… IT WORKS!!!!

My hand after the care

My hand after the care

I hope you enjoyed that test and that you will try it too (except if you live in a paradise warm island^^). This is a good way to take a little quarter of a busy day to take care of yourself and find your soft hands back during this hard and long winter!! Can’t wait for spring!


See you soon 



Welcome to my world

Which better way to introduce myself than to open my bag to you?
Who am I?
Myriam, 27y.o, France.
I love fashion, the real one. I love Fashion week because of its power of moving the entire world from New York to London, and to Milan, and to Paris. I love Haute Couture and its unreasonableness. I also love the fashion of the girl next door. 
I love to write and to take pictures. I like to read, especially lots of magazines while I drink some tea. And to follow fashion blogs from all over the world. Here is one more, with a french accent.

Welcome on my blog, nice to meet you :-)

Bag : Longchamp /Lipsticks : Dior / Wonder woman key ring : Accessorizes / Nail polish : Wonderland Dior / Ice Watch / IPod / bracelet Mi / and lot of other stuffs

Bag : Longchamp /Lipsticks : Dior / Wonder Woman Lego key ring : Accessorizes / Nail polish : Wonderland Dior / Ice Watch/ IPod / bracelet Mi / and lot of other stuffs

Quel meilleur moyen de se présenter que de vous vider mon sac ?
Qui suis-je?
Myriam, 27ans, France.
J’aime la mode, la vraie. Celle de la fashion week, celle qui déplace le monde entier de New York  à Londres, puis à Milan, puis à Paris. La Haute Couture et ses extravagances. Mais aussi la mode de Madame Tout Le Monde.
J’aime écrire et prendre des photos. J’aime lire, surtout des tonnes de magazines en buvant du thé. Et parcourir les blogs mode du monde entier. 

Bienvenue sur mon blog, enchantée :-)